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4 steps to your knitted scarf!
Select pattern and matching colors: (Colors can be changed for all patterns!)

Change the knitting-wool colors:   yellow 04  white 01 

and dye the fringes:  yellow 04  white 01 


Create texts:

Text top:

F K   Font:    Size:    Alignment:    Color:   black 16 

Text center:

F K   Font:    Size:    Alignment:    Color:   black 16 


Text bottom:

F K   Font:    Size:    Alignment:    Color:   black 16 


Upload logos:

Logo left:
(Files in PNG with translucent background or JPG up to 10MB)

Logo right:
(Files in PNG with translucent background or JPG up to 10MB)


Inquire your scarf:

Important to know:

  • Watch our Tutorial-Video!
  • Including your logo there's a maximum of six colors for your fan scarf. If your logo contains additional colors, we have to reduce the colors and adjust the images if necessary.
  • Before uploading your logos, please check that it contains no background. The necessary cutting can easily be done using a image-processing software, which is capable of saving .png-files.
  • The fan-scarf designer offers you a most detailled preview of your new fan-scarf. Due to conditions of production there's a possibility of small variations. [Knitting can lead to color variations as yarns that run in the background shine through. Especially bright colors and white can be distorted. Scarves containing several or strongly divergent colors in the logo, this effect is stronger in the logo-area. Fine details in logos and small texts may not appear as fine and often slightly pixelated due to the knit stitches.]
  • We'll produce and ship your completely customized design from 10 pieces.
  • By submitting your scarf-design you're placing an inquiry not an order. We will check your scarf-design and contact you immediately.
  • Please carefully read our comments regarding trademark protection and further legal regulations for the usage of logos, trademarks and brands. Further information via that Link.

If you have any questions kindly contact us. You can reach our hotline from Monday to Thursday from 8am until 5pm and Friday from 8am until 12:30pm by phone-number +49-(0)9 833 / 98894-0.

Telefon: 09833 988 940